DAC-U Large scale

DAC-U Large scalee

The amount of air we have to processes is enormous. It is also important to treat massive amount of air in larger facilities in order to make aggressive progress against global warming. The units developed in our project can be integrated into a large-scale capture and conversion system which we may call a "mega carbon farm," just like a "mega solar" system for solar power generation. If the mega-solar system and the mega-carbon farm are connected, it is expected to contribute greatly to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

DAC-U Medium scale

DAC-U Medium scale

This project will develop units that can be freely assembled and connected. This will make it possible to capture and convert CO₂ from the atmosphere in various scenarios. In urban areas, CO₂ concentration is relatively high in places where people gather, such as office buildings and retail stores. In such places, efficient CO₂ capture and utilization is possible by freely combining separation and conversion modules. When combined with solar power generation, the system has the potential to develop into an independent energy facility.

DAC-U Small scale

DAC-U Small scale

This is the basic unit which consists of a membrane separation module that selectively separates CO₂ from the atmosphere, and a module that converts the recovered CO₂ into methane and ethanol. If a high-performance DAC-U unit can be developed, it will be possible to produce city gas from air and use it directly in your home, for example.


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